Dear friends and families

I have now finished my first month of January at PEN. The true speaking is that in this world everyone was created to do something in this world . Life does not make sense until you realize what you were made for,I am some times distracted with my surroundings . Being at Pen and working with people who have similar dreams as mine to see change in other people’s lives. This just opens my eyes more my it brings me close to my BIG dream.

COMMUNITY :We work with community people who live in the streets, people who are not always considered as part of society. But they are just people like me and you. They have got dreams,needs ,feelings ,love and acceptance for other people. It has been a great privilege for me to know more friends in Sunnyside . Relationship remain the first priority and from there I start to discover their needs and how can they get help from those who are willing to help them like PEN.

BIBLE CLUB :This is another big and important project for PEN. We go to different places to play with kids . While playing with them we put the message of good news in the games . We try to create the atmosphere where kids just be kids ,have fun ,learn to respect one another while having fun and teach them to understand how special they are .

NIGHT CHURCH:It is a project in ARCADIA that is organized by WAYNE . It gives the big opportunity to those who value friendship. People came at the night church to meet friends ,pray and have coffee while others came as volunteers to learn and experience city life.


David moshabi

Published by: ddmoshabi

My name is David Moshabi. I am 25 years old . I have spent more than 60% of my teenager hood in the streets .It was not my choice, but I fully believe that it was part of God's great plan for my future and others whom i am going to meet in life . I am so eager to learn and to be involved in missions. For the year 2012 I was a student full-time at FTLT(Focus Team Leadership Training) . We were taught lot of things about missions and more than 50% of the education that they offered to us was in a practical way. I still advising people whom i meet in life to go and study at FTLT. I have heard of different mission schools in the world ,I do agree that they are all good but according my perceptive FTLT is unique in its way of introducing excellence in the Kingdom of GOD. I am currently working with an organization called PEN ,it is a Non Profit Organization based in Pretoria . It is running different projects ,but with one focus of spreading the good news and share his LOVE with the rest of the world. I am also a prayer person if one wants me to help him/her in praying for different needs. I always trust God, not for only miracles but for his will. I AM CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR MORE PRAYER PARTNERS. If you are interested please do not hesitate ,email me at: or contact me :072 1932 252 blessing to you ALL. David Moshabi

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